Thursday, 1 August 2013

The useless hunter

Whatever Mawson thinks about his ability to hunt, we discovered during that trip that mister pup was possibly not cut out to be the best hunter/pointer ever. He could certainly improve with training, but his natural abilities are fully hindered with his impatience for anything and constant whining.
A pointer should silently and steadily sniff out and point at the game not have to be shown the kangaroo and proceed to jump up and down while sounding like a squealing pig (really I have videos but haven't worked out how to add them here, it's silly!).

They are there, whiiiiine!
We had to keep him constantly on the lead unfortunately, as he would have been gone straight out after the kangaroos and wallabies, and we were really unsure he would come back. The two main problems were that it was a very large area that we have never visited but mostly the large kangaroos are not exactly friendly with stupid silly pups...

Looking the part
I must say that the walks were great and I have never seen that many hopping things around, which wasn't helping for Mawson to get relaxed. This also means that we will have to have shoulder reconstructions with Martin as mister pup was running from side to side and even nearly dragged us down hills... But still, I am looking forwards to go back :)

Startled kangaroo

Unimpressed wallaby

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