Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I miss my little car

That's days like these, when I miss my little car I had in the UK. Martin is going out at sea for the day for work to sample some seawater at the IMOS Port Hacking reference station. That means he took the car and left before 6am for an early start. When we didn't have Mawson, I used to get in the car with him and he would drop me at work on his way, a bit of an early start for me too but we'd be back home by 5pm so that was ok. 
But now, Mawson doesn't want to go to the park at 4am (nor do we really!) so it's more complicated...
I've decided to work from home today instead of spending 3h (minimum!) of my day in the bus for a return trip we can do in less than 40 minutess total in the car... Mawson is going to be happy to have mummy home all day! Even if I need to work, he just likes it when he can keep an eye on us...

But I still miss my little car :(

Ella, my 1994 Mini sprite

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