Saturday, 10 August 2013

A new house rule

A couple of weeks ago, we came back from work one evening to find a proud puppy sitting on his bed. He had such a smug little smile on his face that it was obvious he had found something slightly naughty to do. And indeed, here it was in between his front paw, mummy's T-shirt that had been originally left on the bed (ok my fault, I should have put it away but can't I have rights to leave ONE T-shirt on MY bed!! tsss). Anyway, after a quick check for damage, it appeared that he had only picked it up and snuggled with it all day. I don't know if he was giggling to himself in glee so much that he didn't succeed to chew it or if that was just really to make himself a comfy pillow, all I know is that my T-shirt was safe. But this instated a new rule in the house. The one who steals, wears... Hence, mister pup had to be subjected to wearing my T-shirt for a bit. Ironically, that was my Fat Fluffs Rabbit rescue T-Shirt (Fat Fluffs) which made me giggle even more as Mawson isn't exactly in line with the ethics of rescuing rabbits.

That seems to have done the trick though as he has not touched any item of clothing around (not that he was really prone to it before...). Oh alright except socks, but that's daddy's fault because he throws them  everywhere, what's a pup to do!?!?!

Bouncer looks
He did seem to be a bit annoyed with us after a while, mostly as we were laughing and taking pics of him looking like a pumped up club bouncer. But hey, he had only himself to blame!!

gnnnnnn, that's what I think about it :(((

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