Thursday, 31 October 2013

Watching the world go by, except tonight

Mum takes me for a walk everyday. I like my walks with mum, but every time she has to do her serious mum: "let's do some homework". I don't like homework... She always find some way of making me do either agility items or obedience and rally-O.
Her favorite is to get me to do 'tables' around the big stones in the park. But for that I need to get ready. First I make sure that I haven't missed any of my mates wee mail from the day before. I need to sniff all of the stones sometimes for a couple of minutes... Take that mum for obedience, gnahahah... And then I cave in and do her table... She can't make up her mind if she wants me to sit or down on there. All I know is that I just stay there for a bit and jump off when she tells me, and ca-tching, here comes the food! Who's the doggy, woohoo all the treatsies for me! 
However, I'm not completely happy with her latest find, a crappy metal narrow bench that makes a lot of noise, and she wants me to "walk on" on it. Somehow, she says it's going to help me with the dog walk and it will get me more confident... No mum, it will just make me think that the park didn't want to invest in an expensive well built bench.... seriously, the whole thing is going to crack under my weight (NO I'm not fat!!!), I'm just putting my front feet on it and that's it, no discussion. Now give me that treat...

mmm nothing on the right

Gah! she's still there that one...

What's happening back there?

Tonight's walk was a bit more scary because of Halloween. A lot of the houses are decorated with creepy spider webs and other items. Told mum to take a pic of my favourite houses, but she forgot her phone... typical, she always shove that in my face and clics away but when there is something useful to take a photo of.... Anyway, there was even creepier than the decorations tonight: large groups of kids walking the streets! Ahhhhhhhhhh so scary! And by the way, I'm not talking about their costumes!

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