Monday, 7 October 2013

Sneak peek at trials

There are a few (show) grounds in and around Sydney where canine events are held. One of the biggest one is the actual Dog NSW headquarters at Erskine Park. I want to enter some obedience and Rally-O trials very soon and there was something happening there, so we thought, let's go and check it out.
At the same time, it's a pretty good area to do some training for retrieving. And guess what? We might start a bit of training for that too! (It does start to sound like we have a lot of spare time, doesn't it? The only thing is, I don't know where we fit all that... Who needs to sleep you might say...).

All in all, it was very interesting, and we learnt quite a bit about what we needed to get ready for trials.
We also saw our agility training fellow / GSP owner doing some very serious judging on the Rally-O Excellent course.

It was very hot, we saw 33C on the car thermometer, and I am actually quite happy we didn't enter in any trial. I don't think mister Mawson would have done much, except us both catching some sunburns.

Big schnoz looking in the distance
(or hiding the course view!) 

Keeping a paw on daddy

Who said that?

Result of the day: Martin went to buy a gazebo after we went back home! And mister puppy did his lap of the pool and preceded to snore for the rest of the day.

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