Monday, 21 October 2013


I am a poor puppy. They attacked me with that weird object and stripped me of my energy and powers. They went straight for the toes... and snip snip snip...
They said it was for my own good and my claws were too long but I know that they just want to weaken my superpowers. I don't need my claws cut, I can just go for a run in the backyard and tadaa! Nails are not there anymore! No mum!! They're not hidden under the soil I dug out from the trenches in the garden. I don't know how those trenches got there, it's not me who dug them. When I started running out there, there was nothing. Somebody must have been following me or something... As I said I don't need my claws cut!!! But no, they had to use that object of torture *sigh*


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