Friday, 25 October 2013

Professor Mawson: will it float or will it sink?

First test, relatively easy... A large bouncy ball. So will it sink or will it float?

Test result: It floats! "Thank you professor Mawson". All right, let's not get bored with the theory, hey! I can't paw the equations in here :P

Next experiment, pwease...

Ahaah! A pressed rawhide bone, mmmm interesting... Let's see, will it float or will it sink?

Ehhhehhh, mmmm, looks like it sinks, hey?

Yup, definitely sinks. Damn, how do I get it out now? Muuuuuum! What? Get it out yourself? Is that a way to serve me! I'll have to wet my nose now... I suppose it's worth it though cause it's my chewy bone....

Anyway, this was the first episode of "Professor Mawson: will it float or will it sink?" Stay tuned for future episodes... 

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