Saturday, 19 October 2013

S'cuse me?

My toy is there. Give me my toy. It's my toy. Mum, give me my toy. It's there. Can't you see it? My toy is there... MUMMMYYYYYYYY

Follow the nose

The minions these days are useless, already mummy did plenty of treats and didn't give me anything. She said that it was for the people at "work"!! What did they do to deserve the treats and not me?? Do they do better tricks than me?? I don't think so! Do they shake paws? I don't think so!

Proof of the treat she meanly doesn't want to
give me, she says it's a rustic lemon tart
(she only says rustic because she turned
her back when it was done and over cooked it
for a few minutes...

By the way in case you forgot mum, my toy is up there, just so you know. I wouldn't mind my toy...

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