Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tootsies tick check

With all those nasty ticks around and my mates getting in trouble, mum and dad keep checking me all over. I just think they can't get their hands off me, I'm so handsome, who can blame them really?
But sometimes I like to have a bit of fun and make their job a bit trickier. Mostly when they do my paws, they don't realise that I'm ticklish!
Last time daddy tried to check my paws, gosh I had fun... I wasn't going to lay there quietly, mwahaha.
I think I got him good, he'll think twice before doing that again, mwahaha.... I'm so evil!!

Uh oh! Mum's coming!! Fun's over :( ok here are my paws.... s'ppose it's better they check them grumph...

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