Saturday, 5 October 2013

The appropriate gear for the job

We have started to notice that the sun is getting stronger during the week-end trainings. Throughout the week, we do things early or late in the day so the sun is less of a problem. As we tend to run quite a lot, having a flowing hat is a bit of a problem, so caps are the most appropriate (though not my preferred with my long hair). However, last time we saw a new shop at our local shopping centre and went straight in to buy a cap, no hesitation! How appropriate to have a pointing GSP as emblem! They also have a lot more gear that seem of pretty ok quality, so we might be back to check it out... 

The new cap!

Modelled with great enjoyment...
But still need to put sunscreen on the ears and neck, even if you think a walk around 8am is pretty safe... Got a patch of sunburn on my neck and it hurts!

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