Sunday, 20 October 2013

Come on! It's hot!!

It's getting hot outside, and mum is soooo slow on walks. She is always telling me that I don't take the time to enjoy the view. But I can smell everything, and look at the view at the same time, while taking a nap, before she even makes it to the next metre... And with the heat, I need to get to the next drink station along the way, even if she takes some of that weird container that squirts water in my mouth. She calls that a "sport bottle". Yeah right, as if she was ever doing any sport...

What' you doing?
I think that if I don't take matters into my own paws we'll get burnt to a crisp, so I need to attempt to make her move her sizeable backside faster! It's such a hard work for a poor little puppy... She'd better give me one of those frozen shinbone when we get home...

Come oooooon!

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