Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The lost water dragon

This poor "little" water dragon came out of a stream and onto the grassed area of one of the local park. He then stopped after a few metres, and realised he had made a fairly poor choice with the place he walked into... There was a fair few dogs around and a number of them were keenly looking at him. Mister dragon was doing his best tarzan impression of puffed up chest (without the noise though!). Mawson was very interested, but I didn't give him the chance to go too close, and anyway he was on the lead. I definitely don't think they would have been best buddies. 
One more thing to add to the list, along with the cats and rabbits... However, though the dragon had hung about bravely with the previous dogs, he took one look at Mawson and decided that that was it for all this craziness, before running back to the cover of bushes and the comfy stream, with his typical swagger. I love to see the way those dragon run, it's very cute! I bet he will think twice before coming out there for a picnic next time though!

And Mawson is sulking that mum was once again a kill joy and didn't let him play with the running toy!

I'm big and scary me, and I'm defo not scared of you!

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