Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Well, technically....

You see, I'm not allowed on mum and dad's bed. I have what they call "my dog beds" on the floor. They say I'm lucky, because they are very comfy, but I'm sure that their one is pretty good too. Though it's true that they come and sleep on my ones as well so maybe that's true that the big bed isn't comfy, mmmm.

Anyway, they were doing the bed dance this morning and they placed their bed blanket on the ground. And you see, that's where one of my bed is normally, in front of the window (it was outside in the sun at that time). So of course, I trotted in to help, but they didn't need my help for the bed dance apparently. I still needed to keep an eye on them (I never leave the minions unattended) and that blanky looked really comfy, and woahh it was! That's not my fault if I got "confused", that's the spot of my bed! And technically I wasn't on their bed either, so they couldn't say anything. Mwahaha!


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