Monday, 14 October 2013

We will overcome that fear!

At the trial, we got some tips of what to train, to try and overcome that fear of the dog walk. Le, who co-owns an agility training school that we might attend soon (canine fun sports), told us to get him confident on the walk instead of him just trying to run through as fast as possible to get it over and done with. That entails getting the dog walk on a low setting and have him do a whole lot of things on the narrow plank, from stopping, sitting, laying, do a 180C, jump on and off. We might even attempt a bunny pose... But the first day of work went pretty good. After his usual rushing over the top at the start we succeeded to do a lot of stuff. And he even did a 180C turn for me!! gnehehe daddy didn't see it!!!!
We are now going to train all that over and over again and continue that on the sat training. The dog walk WILL BE Mawson's best friend!

Joking apart I am pretty happy that this issue got caught up now at a fairly early stage, when we can retrain relatively easily. Better that than having that fear growing into his little brain to gigantic proportions and him one day having a real big issue and possibly injuring himself.

ok ok, can I come down now?
Oh food! alright then I'll stay there.
To continue the craziness, we have just entered our second trial. That's going to be a biggy! That's over two days and the boys are entered in AD, JD, JDO and SD!!! Now back to that training....

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