Monday, 21 October 2013


One would have thought that, with the dramatic fire situation around the state and the total fire ban in place over nearly the whole of NSW, people would think a bit twice before doing something stupid, but apparently not...

We had the joy of being awaken in the early hours of the morning, i.e. I would say around 2am, with huge fireworks going off right above our house!!! Not the tiny crackers no, big crazy ones!!!! Obviously both Martin and I woken up with a start, but straight away also with a pup freaking out in his crate. It took me a good chunk of my precious night sleep to calm him down and settle him back to sleep, following a big bawling and emergency cuddles intervention... He was even still on edge this morning.

Martin saw the traces of the lit up fireworks out on the street a few metres away this morning. Now if I hadn't had to go and calm a puppy going mental, I might have gone to extract some limbs out of the idiots. Lucky them I was busy....

Isn't that way too much?

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