Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What My Dad Does?

Firstly, I know he is my Dad because we look like twins, except that his ears are a bit smaller, and his nose is not very good, probably because he is getting old. That is probably why he has lost most of his fur and spots as well. Many of my pals at the park ask me about what he does during the day but it is difficult to answer clearly.

So, what does he do  when he leaves me to guard the house? Well he often goes away early in the morning, and sometimes for long periods to a place where there is a lot of vomitting? Even though my Dad doesn't vomit I know there is a lot of other people vomitting because I can smell it, and I can smell the sea as well, but mostly vomit. My mum explained that he gets in a boat and takes some samples of sea water. She also explained that he goes to places with exotic names, like Mauritius and South Africa. I know that there are lions, tigers, monkeys and elephants in South Africa. Although I don't know what they look like, I know what they smell like, and I could smell them on my Dad when he came back.

So, he goes to sea on a boat and apparently he is a molecular biologist as well. I heard him explain it to someone in the park so I will try to repeat it using an example for all of the young pups. Basically, if I was sitting next to a flask of bacteria in a really dark room, so dark that you couldn't see us, he would be able to tell the difference between me and the bacteria by taking a sample and sequencing our DNA. My Dad is really clever like that! Even though I could use my nose to tell the difference I wouldn't tell him that, because that might make him self conscious about losing his sense of smell.

I also heard that he trains young humans to do the same things that he does. What he does sounds quite complicated so I can imagine that there is a lot of clicker training and treats involved. Yesterday he brought me into his office and I met some of the young humans. And yes, sure enough, he was using the clicker to train them how to throw treats into my mouth!

So that is what my Dad does during the day. Mum explained that he does that so that he can buy my kibble and treats. He won't have to do that for much longer now that I am earning prize money on the Agility course. Then he can stay home with me to guard the house and I can help him to smell the things that he can't smell anymore.

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