Friday, 1 November 2013

What The Friday?

Sometimes I despair a bit… Martin and I are both research scientist and right now, it's pretty hard to get grant fundings. Applications are lengthy and difficult, and the level of success is quite low, even if your submission quality is very good. But that's not the point here… or maybe it is a bit…
This morning while browsing the various "fine" journalistic efforts Australia has to offer (I can't decide on a paper I like so I browse a few…), I found an interesting feature relating the outcome of a certainly diligent and expensive piece of  scientific research. It certainly follows a previous effort that explains why you have recently seen people yawning in front of their dogs repeatedly…

Such fascinating topics make me wonder why I did so many years of study. They also make me rethink my choice of research topic… Maybe I got an idea for our next grant submission… *need to talk to my boss*
Mawson in any case was left unmoved….

Definitely anxious wouldn't you say?

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  1. Oh! I didn't realise the funding was so tough! Some of the research really makes you wonder who is funding those!