Monday, 11 November 2013

Well, what a week

The posts this week have not been as regular as normal because I went to a work conference in Fremantle (on sponges!). Mawson was too busy to write while getting ready for his trials and partying with his dad!!! It was the first time I went to the west coast of Australia, and it was a pretty hard week of work and not a lot of free time to visit.

Representation of the sheep trading from Freo
(at the maritime museum!!)
I love the eyes...

An old building of something... I forgot... I was jogging!

But I had to come back quickly to see the boys running at our first big agility weekend trial!
The plan was to take the flight back on friday afternoon, rent a car and drive in the evening to arrive during the night. Tadaaa! Ready for the start in the morning.

Exceeeeeept, well good plans always go wrong don't they. And this one, well, why go a little bit wrong when you can make the news...  In summary, the flight went ok until we tried to land... high gusts of wind made the whole thing a bit of a disaster. People were crying, and being, let's say "unwell". We didn't succeed to land... We got diverted to the military airport at Newcastle, cause we didn't have a lot of fuel... then they tried to get back to Sydney but we didn't make the extended curfew so we got diverted to Brisbane... Great! I didn't know I had booked an around-the-country flight!!!

We arrived to Brisbane very late, and they got us accommodation for the night and rebooked us for a flight the next day, as they say in the article... What they didn't say was that we arrived late, took ages to process and get to the accommodation, where we arrived approximately at 2am. We were booked in a flight at 6.15am in the international airport, which meant leaving at 4am (we had to get our own taxi btw...) so the night sleep was well not really there... I must say that the flight crew and the guys from Brisbane were really nice. The ones on the Sydney side were letting the side down. I have heard and dealt with some rude and uncaring representatives which was a shame after the whole episode.
But I arrived (finally!) at Sydney, booked a rental car (a pretty rubbish one at that), and drove to Bathurst. Not sure how I made it there in one piece, after not really sleeping for two days. Guess the coffees and the singing to myself in the car helped...

Anyhow, I'm pretty happy to have made it even if late. But not really fussed about trying that again. So next time, I'll check not to go to a conference the week before a trial.

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