Monday, 25 November 2013

Dinner prep' supervision

Checking out the dinner preparations. I need to make sure that mum isn't cutting the pieces wrong. And also just making sure that she doesn't drop anything on the floor. I wouldn't want the floor to get dirty with pieces of pancetta really. That would be untidy! Always there to help me! 
Though I don't know why mum was telling me off because "my nose was too close"? I don't know what she means really. I'm just looking, I don't have a very good sight you see, so I need to be not too far... I'm not touching the board honest!

I swearz! There is still a thin layer of atoms
between my nose and the board!

Mum wanted me to put a note that it wasn't a real situation and that I am not allowed that usually and that it was a bit of a stitch up and gnagnagna. Cause she wants to tell everybody how well behaved I am at home... (except when she has her back turned mwahaha)...

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