Saturday, 23 November 2013

That's not fair :(

Saturdays are such long days. I am completely pooped by the end. Today I succeeded to get mum despairing of having entered the obedience trial next week. She is too demanding, I get stage fright me, so many groupies to satisfy... When I am in a big group I'm ok, I can hide but all alone with mum in the middle of the ring there, I get self conscious. A little scratch here, a little sniff, I blush, get a bit scaredy, I can't help it!! Mum says it's because I am a silly monster puppy :(, but then she gives me a cuddle and a treat. That makes it better.

Maybe she should use some tips she got from some people at the club today. They said that she should get a little swig of a drink beforehand to relax. I think she should actually do that with me! That would fit very well with the tradition that grandpa Frank started a little while ago. When he comes round, him and dad go to Hornsby to get some oysters and do oyster shooters! It smells nice, but the minions never let me have a bit. They are not good with sharing you see. So maybe if I tell them it's to get my obedience better, they might be ok with that? What do you think?

The friday tradition: oyster shooters
and polish sausages

wot? I'm just looking!

Smells interesting up there

He's not giving me any! *pout*

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