Friday, 22 November 2013

Plip plop plip plop

I'm taking up swimming full time. Or maybe I'm going to ask for one of those stand up paddle boards. Not sure how I will paddle, but I'll sort it out later. We've had more than 10 cm of rain this week, a tornado close-by, and huge big thunders. At the start of the thunderstorm, I thought it was daddy sneezing, but even by his standards, it was too loud! I don't mind the thunder, maybe I should find a white sheet and some chains to spook mum. Need to keep the drama up, to keep thinks interesting.

This morning dad and I went for a jog, he very "intelligently" waited for the thunderstorm to pass and the rain to ease up... yeah right didn't look at the forecast.... We only just succeeded to turn the corner when it started thundering and pouring down on us. We came back drenched, which seems to be a frequent occurrence lately. So, in retaliation, I rolled on the carpet mwahaha!

I do hope the weather will get better for a tad because I want to go to my training later on today. And I don't think they are keen on doing some underwater agility, weaklings...

plic ploc

a tad humid

Et voila, we went there and the training got cancelled :(. Ran after the ball a bit but it's not the same really.
At least now I'll get my pig's ear before my snooze. We'll do some agility tonight and hopefully tomorrow. It'd better not be rained out tomorrow either or I'll be very cross!!!

And hey by the way minions? That's only a small pig's ear!! I want the big one, hey, don't go yet... change the pig's ear... or better give me another one, hey. Damn they've gone, well I'll be sleeping all day and make sure I have plenty of energy tonight to keep the minions entertained.... for a loooong time *revenge*, though given how they feed me I don't know if I will have enough energy, poor little starving me.

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