Monday, 18 November 2013

Guest list

I know it hasn't rained much at all during the whole winter. I know that the beginning of spring has been horrendous and hot, and we have had some dramatic bush fires already. So I can understand a lot of people have been praying for rain and wishing for a good down pour.

But really, could that have not been a bit more spread?? I can't even go out for my business lately, without asking mum to hold the umbrella! I've seen the minions empty the pool loads of times (ok lost count on my tootsies, got distracted by a pig's ear...). And the worst is, when it rains daddy keeps adding some nasty stuff in the pool so I can't go and swim :(.

Enough is enough, I'll have to start building an ark soon. Already made a start on a list of entry for the ark:

2 galahs (they can invite galah friends, just for the trip gnehehehe)
2 bush turkeys, oh yeah! not for long :O
2 rabbits, same as the bush turkeys really
2 possums
2 kangaroos
2 cans of tuna
2 lorikeets
2 flies (well I know they are annoying but I like to crush them on the glass with my nose)
2 worms (they are cool to roll into when they start to rot)
2 skinks (crunchy under the tooth)
2 cows or beef, or... yeah one of each, they can bring extra shinbones if they want too :)
2 pixies with big ears....
2 butterflies (they are just cute, euh ahem, that's just for mum, cause she likes them, not for me of course... I'm a big manly dog, ahem....)

So that's just the start of the list, will have to think of some more guests, cause I'm going to make a biiiig ark. Now, where is that hammer I saw dad with...?


(found those paws from my mate Jaxon's tweet, they are cute!)

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