Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ready for camping

We're going to go camping soon, cause I'm going to do plenty of jumping at another trial. I pawed the place in on google, it's far! I won't be able to trot there and back overnight, we're going for a full weekend. So daddy and me will go camping! Ok mum you can tag along but just stay on this spot and don't disturb my daddy and me... We all prepared and the minions found a big tent for all of us. They looked how to put it up. Luckily I was there to help as they are pretty poorly coordinated. 
Now it's all good but there is only barely space for me and my bed, so I don't know where the minions will stay!? At least it's better than their previous lightweight two men tent, cause that was squishy and hot even in full winter in Orange, so we wouldn't have survived in "spring".

MY tent
We are all ready for some more fun adventures, yehaaaa, just need to find a teddy to scare the night monsters away....


  1. Where will your Mum & Dad sleep, Mawson? That tent's only big enough for you!

  2. I know, right! It's only just for me! I told the minions, but they were not listening. I guess they can always sleep in the car... or maybe on the little spot outside in the front. But Jaxon can come and hang out with me in here, we can have a partyyyyy!!