Thursday, 28 November 2013


Mum and dad have been trying to get me to run a bit ever since I was a tiny pup, to get some of my energy out they say. At first I really couldn't care less about anything they were throwing. But then they got a bit better at throwing. Well mum was so awful at that, that we needed to get an ambulance on standby for the other people in the park... Now I really like my ball. I also quite like to strip the yellow stuff on tennis balls, it's fun and then I can run crazy with the stuff in my mouth and mum looks very impressed, yeah she does, I swear!

Dad didn't like my art with tennis balls so they found some really bouncy ones, they are called HiBounce and they have some funny faces on :). But with mum's bad throw , she is always upset with them, cause they keep bouncing really high up and I looove to jump after them. So now they don't want to use them anymore :(.

Now mum found another type of round thing, it's a softball thingy, but she doesn't play close catch, because she says that she will give me a concussion cause it's too hard. I don't know why she doesn't want to give me cushions? I like cushions, it's soft under my head when I want to snooze.

Anyway, I'm also not allowed to play with balls in the house, because the minions say I get too excited with catching the ball... They are no fun. They also say that the small bouncy chewy HiBounce created a problem if they want to try and do some retrieving work with me because I started chewing things I hold. And apparently I'm not allowed to chew things I retrieve... Well I'm telling you now, if they put a birdy in my mouth, they are not going to get much on the retrieving front, yum sglurp ahhhh. Ta for lunch!

Anyway, all I wanted to say today is that I really like to play ball, so if you feel like having a bit of a play with me that would be cool, because the minions never want to play for long enough!

So come and throw the ball!!!


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