Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Flowery things from walks

I like going on walks with mum. We always see and sniff some new things. I really like the bush walks mostly because there is so much to look at. And on sunday, usually we do a big long walk as you might have gathered from my previous posts. Mum always says they are very long walks and I should be tired afterwards, but really, it's not that much... just a little 12km appetiser stroll to stretch the legs. She is just too precious.... Anyway last time on one of our trot, we saw that bushy tree! It was all big and colourful, obviously mum had to whip out the phone to take a pic cause she said it was pretty. She can be so girly sometimes... I tried to smell the flowers but it didn't really sniff of much. Mum was lamenting that I lost my interest in flowers. When I was little I used to stop at every flower to look at it and have a good sniff. Well yes I don't do that anymore, I'm a big BOY. Flowers are for girlies and baby pups :P
Still I'll indulge mum and ooohhh and ahhhh about her flowery bushy tree, I s'pose....


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