Sunday, 19 January 2014

The chicken coop construction, part I

Oky-doky, here is the place in the front garden that the minions want to use to put the chicken living quarters. It has been a bit messy, but grandad Frank did a lot of work digging it up when he came round last time. The minions removed a lot of the clay that came out and re-levelled a few parts to be able to place the whole thing approximately stably.

So tadaaaa, it's all ready for the construction to begin. I went to check obviously! And decided that it was fine and granted them with my approval to go on. 

The grand idea of mum and dad's plans is to have a safe run for the ladies and a comfy house/coop. My fresh chicken nuggets on legs, oops sorry mum, the "ladies", will be able to run around freely in the garden when the minions are around and when they are big wise ladies, but while they are growing up, as I am not allowed to go "protect" them against the cats roaming around the neighbourhood (I'd do that real well, humph...), they will play in their run when mum and dad abandon us.

So here it is!! The start of the building stage: the run! The minions started doing some construction and painting in the backyard previously on New Year's day (I had to help, of course!) but as it is a bit big, they have decided to finish the full thing "in situ". For once they think rationally.....

dad trying to look like he knows how to use a drill...

Bit wonky still, but getting there. I had to come and check the progress to give my paw of approval, they said it was a run so proposed to run in there but they didn't like the idea... For some reason I was only left to supervise from afar! They said it was going to be good training for a settle in the boot of the car! How rude, I can't even tell them the right positioning for every screw... I'm sure that it's going to be dodgy workmanship... But I'll let it pass because it's them.

It's now nearly finished, doors and all. Dad is particularly proud of the doors cause he made them with some mortise and tenon joints-y-mathingy (?!).  Still need to add the top wire, but they looked pretty smug....

Came over to check again. That's pretty slow progress, if you ask me. But hey, the pair of them are pretty lazy! 

Still haven't seen any fresh chicken nuggets running around, but I heard the minions make some noise about some arrivals soon. They should get a move on with that building thing because I don't think the chicks will like to sleep under the stars. Hopefully, next time I'll be able to help with the coop construction step, to hurry things along. As long as they don't tie me up in the boot again...


  1. Wow what a great job! Looks like you have been super busy this weekend getting this done. Also good that Mawson approved before you kept going. You know how bad things can get without the canine council's rubber stamp!

    1. Thank you :), it's fun to build the hen's bachelorette pad. Now, we're moving onto the main habitation. Slowly getting the necessary bits and pieces. And we always ensure proper certification from the canine council! Hopefully the area inspector will not request to check the new lodgers in a few days...