Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Oh dear...

Its all kicking off with agility training around here! The minions are making arrangements to train with my mates even when it's off days, and all our blogs are filling up with agility/training chats. My buddies Jaxon and Bodhi are becoming international superstars and pawing some crackers posts.

Slowly, the minions are accumulating all sorts of agility equipment that can't even all fit in the garden anymore. And everybody is buzzing about different styles and techniques to better the team work between handler and pups (well got a tip for you dad: staying on your feet would help...!!).

Now even mum has gone to the crazies' side (no offence intended!!). She has so far been a bit more of a spectator and freestyled her runs with me for the main part (also known as messing up most of the time...). Now she's saying she needs to get her act together and decided to go to the upcoming One Mind Dogs seminar (here), she's not even doing any agility trials yet... But apparently I heard rumours it might change in a bit, but don't know why she is doing all that cause even if mum is the one named on the trial catalogue next to my name, I'm running with dad. That's it, mum can stress her way through the Obedience and Rally-O trials...

So if mum wants to run agility courses, well she needs to find somebody else.... ohhhh, now that's a thought! *wink, wink*

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