Friday, 17 January 2014

No manners!

The minions and I were quietly doing some agility training this afternoon, just a few crazy jumps and turns in the backyard...

When suddenly, a very noisy rude bird decided to come into MY garden, and eat MY tree nuts! I pointed at him for a while, then had to go and check him. I'm sure that will have taught him a lesson! Why is mum laughing?? My point is really scary! Don't you know I'm a bird dog?


And look at what the fruit bats left on the pool door!! *sigh*

And just now I went to pick up my pressed rawhide chew bone I had left in the backyard earlier, and there was a slug attacking it! Will nobody recognise my authority over here!! I am the master of this place, all of youse intruder get off this property!!!

At least mum cooked some treats for me, but she didn't give me any under the false pretence that it was "too hot", tssss, I'm off to sulk!

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