Monday, 27 January 2014

Red alert!!

Emergency!! Sound the sirens, all minions to battle station. Daddy came back from his trip to see my grandpa Frank in Townsville. Mum thought it would be a good idea to do some prep work of the house and for once mow the lawn for dad. It's usually dad's obsession, but for some reason mum felt like mowing (mad... right!?). The lawn mower had had some issues previously, well it's a second-second-second hand one, but still pretty good. She just started and bam! The front suspension went and did this on dad's nice green grass. I will pass the whole episode following that problem, as it might be too much for poor innocent ears, in summary there was a lot of swearing coming out of mum's mouth!

So when dad came back home and saw the uncut grass and a broken mower, obviously he had to get up early and jump in the car to go look at mower. Yes peeps, it's non-working day today in Oz due to the long weekend, but he still found some shops and came back with a new fancy noisy grass killer. Well done dad for the "I'm just going to see what that shop's got to start getting an idea" speech told to mum... 
Anyway they brought the demonic object in the backyard, which was instantly put in its place by yours truly. The thing was moving! I had to bark at it, it could have been some dangerous aliens coming to kill us all... Did you see Transformer?!

After inspection and verification that it wasn't a transformer, I left them to it. Now dad's uncut-grass trembles have subsided and he is a bit more relaxed. Phew, crisis averted...

On other news, the nasty spiky thingy that keeps getting me every time I run around the little greeneries around the pool has started flowering! The minions are all amazed and it's status has transformed from "nasty spiky thing" to "pretty flowering plant"... Are they fickle or what? Still a pain in my butt...literally!

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