Saturday, 18 January 2014

Agility fun

It's another hot day today, but we still went to agility training this morning. And today mum even arrived at the start, so I had both my minions!
The course was tough, lots of fine work and turns, but we had a lot of good fun and dad and I did a pretty good job! Ok we are not peeeerfect but hey, I'm a pup! And if dad was stopping to roll around on the floor at every chance, that would help. He put up the excuse that he fell, yeah right, he just wanted to do a back roll to impress the ladies at training!

I thought I'd show you some bits and pieces of my training, cause I'm AWESOME :P , so here is a bit of the middle part and bits of the end. It's not polished but you can see we're having fun!

Mum also ran a course with Monty, who's just been back after a stop cause his dad had to take a health break. It was great to see them coming back to training. I was giggling at mum! She didn't really walk the course well earlier cause she hadn't planned to run (and it showed!!), she even got lost at several points... She'd better get her training hat on...

Now I am on my traditional snooze after a good hour swim in the pool and a stretching walk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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