Sunday, 12 January 2014

Rally-O trials summary

Yesterday was the last one of our first stretch of Rally-Obedience trials. And it was the trial from our  training club NSDTC. I didn't really want to get in the ring this time, but I got convinced to take the monster in just for experience... The course was great with a few tricky bits. Got Mawson ready, and this time tried the very calm with low tone approach. We were 6th in the ring on this round, and I think a couple of people were not there, so it came fairly quickly. He was ok-ish when we were preparing for the start, with an all right concentration on me. Then we went in and just about half a metre in, he stopped... and had a wee, ah well that's it then, thanks for coming... automatic disqualification...
the course of doooooom!
The lovely judge was very nice and still asked me if I wanted to go on. I thought why not anyway! And this time we did a full line, well that was a bit of heeling and a fast pace back to normal pace and started getting unstuck at the turn, but still that's more than ever!!!
The best is that we got some great tips and training ideas from a lot of people. That's what is great in these events. There are so many lovely people who have had all kinds of experiences with dogs and share ideas and tips.

Overall I think that the obedience types trials haven't been as stellar as Mawson's agility trial experiences. To say the least... And I think I will need to work quite a bit to get him back to pre-trial level amusements and abilities.

We're going to put all those training ideas into work, do a fair bit more preparation and training in Obedience/Rally-O and concentrate on fun agility trials for a while. Not giving up just reorganising and letting Mawson the time to grow up a tad!
Sooo, over and out for the Obedience/Rally-O team, communication will resume... sometimes in the future! ;)
I'm looking mum, now don't you dare
getting me in another one of those things!


  1. I can see another GSP in the background getting ready for his trial. Wonder how he went this week?


  2. Mawson and Darcy have been chilled out in each others company over the summer. Nice to see them with their mind on the job when the jumps are out. Rally O might be a different story...


  3. Oh, too bad buddy! Only way is up! You're not the first one to go stray in the ring, and won't be the last! You'll be able to give Jason lots of tips when his turn comes this year.

  4. Yup mum and I got plenty of tips, we'll share our "wisdom"! Got one very good tip for you: wee straight after stepping in the ring, the ladies love it!! Mum says we can do some mock trials and also we can share the booklet of entries. Mum got a full one with 100 forms, so tell your mum not to buy one yet!