Saturday, 4 January 2014

Air Mawson take off

Well, I guess it's no secret that I quite like agility. But lately mum got the impression that I had a secret advantage compared to other dogs. I have wings! I disguise them as ears, so very cunning! That's pretty handy to go above the high jumps on the course. If I am a bit low, flap flap flap and up I go... And it's also useful to gently glide down after a big jump, you have to look after the knees.

Flight Mawson001 off the ground


  1. I try to use my ears to fly. Mum is solo slow! She keeps waiting, but I don't know what for! Nice jumping, Mawson!

    1. Ohh and I'm sure that with your fluffy hair that would make a nice gliding! Dad is also way too slow, I've decided to learn the numbers for the jumps, so I can do it all myself and don't need him! He can stand in the middle waving his arms around :D