Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's day madness

Well, I told you they were getting mad crazy about chickens... Mum has made "plans" and they are both going silly with screwdrivers and saws. It's so noisy...

Grand design...
Don't they know it was New Year's eve yesterday? And today, it's New Year's day... No working! Only eating and lazying about in the sun... But no, they have to run around like their soon-to-be headless chicken (if I have anything to do with them, mwhahaha). YES mum, I will not touch the chickens, they are not for playing or chasing or anything else, they are little beings, gnagnagna... 
I felt bad to leave them all the work though, so I took it upon myself to supervise... Just to make sure they do things right, you see.

I had a few breaks because, they are going so slowly anyway, no chance to miss anything.

After that, they started painting... I decided that I should bring some more able bodies, so I went to ask mister pig to come and lend a hand. We had to do a few rounds around the start of the construction to check the best way to initiate the painting. Mum wasn't very patient, so she started before we could decide. And she didn't seem impressed when mister pig and I came closer to help. Ok, mister pig overdid it and played in her hair, and on top of her head. He also wanted to check her painting action, so he asked me to get him closer to her arms and on her back... I must have got a tad close, cause I got a green nose... It's hard to hold those paint brushes... And then I had to go somewhere else cause mum asked dad to come and play with me. She said: "take that stinky monster away from me", I'm not stinky!!

I'm helping...

She must have thought I was, because the great thing that happened today is that they finally let me in the pool!! *dancing*
They made me do about 1000 recalls before hand, I don't know why? Maybe they are getting a bit blind and forgetful, and they didn't see me in front of them? They kept calling me and saying good boy with a pat on my head, then the other was going away and doing the same etc...?? They are weird, but I don't care because: I WENT IN THE POOL!!!

After all that hard work, I got my New Year's day dinner! Well deserved, if I may say so myself! Even though as I said before, I would have liked more smoked salmon, but what do you want mum's stingy....



  1. Too funny Mawson. My mum was busy sanding her cupboard yesterday and wouldn't let me get too close either.
    Not sure about this chicken thing. My mum wants them too but at this stage she has decided I am too much of a risk. She is just going to stick to her veggie patch (which I run through the middle of anyway).
    Sounds like it was a busy start to the year.

    1. I think mum doesn't trust me at all with anything that moves! But they have the sneaky plan of getting them housed in the front garden where I am never allowed off leash... could have something to do with my practising agility above the front fence and running onto the main road a few months ago...
      Running through the veggie patch sounds fun. Does she grow green beans? I like green beans! Yum, fresh off the plant sounds delightful! Must talk to mum about making a veggie patch with beans, would go well with a side of free range chickens.