Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year and Best wishes from the Mawsonator!

While I was perusing the internet after stealing mum's laptop, I saw this reposted by a few of my mates. I think the minions would wish I would take inspirations from a few of those. Dad already does number 8 and 11 quite well and mum does 4 and 7 to perfection... (mwahaha)  

But I think I have a better New Year's resolution: doing more of this!

I don't think the minions and I will be able to stay up till the turn of the year at midnight. We are already sleeping!! Hopefully there won't be fireworks above the house as last time. I don't mind the pretty colours at a distance or even the sound, but at 2am right on top of us while we are all asleep, I don't like it. I got all spokededed :( 
On the up-side I got a long cuddle from mummy to calm me down (I made sure to lengthen it a bit longer than needed by faking to be still scared after a bit, because it was nice...)

Best woofy wishes for the New Year and biggest licks from Oz

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