Saturday, 14 December 2013

Crazy cycads

Well, I've been on a bit of a gardening roll with the blog on these past few posts, so I thought I would relate another one of our interesting plant: cycads. As a european, that's always a pretty funky plant to see. I had seen one of our cycads sprouting leaves once last year.  


This year the cycads seem to have liked their treatment and they have all sprouted a lovely crown of leaves and one has given us a flower! Well it's not as pretty as one might imagine. It's looking like the plant is laying an egg.... upwards... but the final "flower" is still quite interesting.

the eye of the flower

looks like an emu egg!

big cycad with flower


  1. Too much time spent gardening Mawson's mum and not enough time playing with pup.

  2. Hehe do not worry, he was inspecting every photoshoot and every gardening project carried out. We always need to have the paw of approval. And the cycad is next to the pool...

    1. That's a weird name that one, must be Mawson who placed some locks so it doesn't appear as Mawson's mum...