Monday, 23 December 2013

Tough working day

I've been feeling a bit sickly this morning, and even more my daddy went away early this morning, so I'm stuck with mum... As I couldn't take a pic to show how much I was sick I thought I would put a sock on and look sad... Does that make me look very poorly?

working the sad face

But then I insisted to go for a few walks and also some swimming (because really I'm not that sick...).
There are a few "interesting" Christmas decorations around. The house below had plenty of big inflated things. The pic I asked mum to take was just a tiny portion of it. But that was the most dangerous! The little Christmas tree in front of the father Christmas, had a weird little person getting out of the top and hid back in. Certainly waiting for unsuspecting victims. I had to bark at it! Mum told me I was stupid though, she doesn't realised I saved her life, again!!

dangerous creatures

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