Saturday, 7 December 2013

Triple jumping trial, bushfire fundraiser

That was another crazy friday evening! The minions came home a bit early from work and started packing the car, which means that they had plans... Most of the time I like their plans but last friday, they started getting a bit weird. However, this time, it looked good! I saw them packing up jumps, yay! Then we drove out, for a loooong time. Got bored, started to show my disapproval... I don't like traffic jams, maybe I should suggest they get an helicopter, would be easier. And definitely more stylish and all of my mates would be jealous, ahhh... dreams... 

Anyway,  after an eternity, at last they stopped the car. They were smiling because they said they were early this time. Some of my mates from the training club arrived too, so that was cool. As soon as we arrived, mum went even weirder than usual, she started running around picking up poo bags, ewwww! That's not a good fetish mum! I don't care if the bin got knocked on the side and the content got thrown on the ground! That wasn't even my poo!!! EWWWWWW! 

Dad tried to take me around and throw the ball but it was quite hot, after obliging him for a few runs, I decided enough is enough and stopped in the nice cool shade. But then I don't know why they kept moving the car around the grounds. I think they were playing a game but not sure what it was. They are really crazy those minions. Maybe I need to bring them to the vet, they must have a screw loose or something, but you know, you get attached... 
Allright let's not distress, so much to tell!

Then we went walking and I met Kelly Gill who is the Wonderdogs mum.  And she gave me a pat :) !

Mum couldn't help herself and moved the car another time *sigh* 
Mmmm anyway, when she finally stopped moving the car. I told the minions to get my things out. The minions from the club were all organised. We had a super duper camp and all of us tried to get some of the minions food from the table, but they were guarding that with amazing aptitude for minions... Damn!

After a bit, it was time for our first novice jumping. Well, you see... It was a bit tight, and I'm a bit big, and well it's hard for me to turn real tight because my main aim is speed. Ok, we didn't succeed to make all the jumps... But I went super fast!! And I don't want to say, but if dad can't remember the course, how can I do!

Then we had another long wait pfff, and at one moment, they locked me in the car, help!! I don't want to sleep in the boot! Luckily, they remembered I was in there, just in time before I was lost forever.

On our second course, I sort of missed the entrance of a tunnel, but it's not my fault! It wasn't straight and all *pout* and then I missed a jump again. I'm sure that was dad's fault... Can't be mine really, I'm just a poor puppy :P

Then, the last run of the night came. It was late, nearly midnight and well past my bedtime. I'm not even talking about dad's, well he falls asleep at 9pm.... But even then, oh yeah! We did it, I flew over the course, dad was there and there and everywhere, I was running and turning and woohooo. Done, clear run, we were F.A.S.T. 
I was happy because I wanted to do a good job in front of Pat who was judging the course :).

My mates of the NSDTC did good too on the night. Jaxon and his mum went before us on the first course (well, that's because he has much shorter legs than me you see). And he did awesome!!!! Him and his mum Frankie got a clear run, hence, their first qualification. And they came third. Woohooo! The last two runs were a bit harder for him, because he gave his all on the first, and it was getting late. You see, as he is so much smaller than me, he doesn't have as much energy reserve, so he was getting real tired. And his last run was nearly at 1am. His eyes were closing! We stayed to cheer him on but it was too much for him. I would have offered to carry him, but the minions would have criticised the tactic...

Bodhi did a great job too, he also got a quali on his last run. But both him and me decided that we were going to pack pens and paper to draw the course on our next trials, because his mum got lost on the course too, like my minion!

My fellow GSP Darcy had a grand time getting his mum to run. He went to check the car park next to the last run because I heard the Border Collie from before telling him there was a rabbit who said he was a chihuahua. I swears he got framed!! His mum wasn't impressed though, oopsy...

We saw some cool runs from the excellent and masters dog, with a few qualis and certainly a few brags to come form our group. But I must say, I had a giggle looking at the Masters guys in front of us. A few did a great trick. They got their minions all feeling secured and BAM! In the middle of the course they pooped, mwahaha! That will teach the minions to start a trial at 6.30pm. Ok that's an automatic disqualification, but hehehe that was funny. I don't think their handlers were finding that funny, they don't have a sense of humour really!

At the end of the night we stayed to get our pass. We were so fast with dad on our last run, that we came first! And the minions helped with a bit of the pack up. It was so late that the car had frozen over, we made it back home after 2.30am! What is that time!!! I refused to go in my crate on principle, I wanted to be next to mum so she could give me a cuddle, so they set up my bed next to theirs :P

Now today, I've been a tad tired... had a few snoozes, but needed to stay awake because nana was back and I didn't want to miss a thing! Tonight I am so dead, I don't care were I sleep. I think the minions have got other stories, but I can't remember all their things, so I'll get back to you when I'll have had my beauty sleep.

Night, night, all *slobbery licks*

checking out the other runners
while waiting for our turn

Waiting to cheer our mates Bodhi
and Jaxon on the last run of the trial

The sheltie gang, with some honorary members

still bright and shiny past 1am

Yeah yeah I will pose for the photo...

smile.... is that ok now, can I go back to sleep now

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  1. Agreement on the pen & paper to stop mum getting lost!