Monday, 2 December 2013

Is Science in your Life?

PhD candidate Mawson

During his 'safe working in laboratories' induction, Mawson was made aware of the additional Health and Safety precautions required to ensure that his ears did not get caught in electrical equipments and more particularly the centrifuge. He was also reminded that licking the agar plates was not allowed in a PC2 facility.

Mawson's thesis aims to enhance the living conditions of GSPs in a small but important area in the northern Sydney region.

The three major aims are divided as follows:
- Substantiate the hypothesis that GSPs should have an unlimited amount of pig's ears, and other treats, available at all time.
- Demonstrate the high level of entertainment and cuddles required by GSPs and the irrelevance of sleeping requirements from minions.
- Establish the proper management protocol for minion's care and well-being in order to maintain their functioning and prevent their rule setting tendencies.

Following a lengthy process through multiple inductions and filling (eating) of administrative forms, Mawson has now started his practical work and hope to complete his research within a reasonable timeframe. He will then apply for additional funding to consolidate his findings, further his interests and establish his, no doubt, brilliant academic career.


  1. What a great shot Mawson! You look so smart! ;-)

    1. I needed to look serious, I was applying for a job and concentrating hard on the aims for my thesis (also known as eukanuba biscuits!)

  2. Check out this poor guy....
    And we even share the same name!

    1. He he he, I think the minions would need way too many biscuits to get me to do all those poses. They would go bankrupt, and I would lose my trimmed waist!!!