Thursday, 5 December 2013


I got a bit startled yesterday evening. I was quietly lounging on my evening bed, steadfastly refusing to go to my night bed. Oooops sorry, waiting for mum to give me a cuddle.... and then bam, something slammed on the window! Then bam again and again and again. Same as what happened to my mate Bodhi a little while ago. Now I do like playing with flying thingies, but they were on the other side of the darn window! Tried my best to paw them, and I'm sure I saw a few of the Christmas beetles have a giggle and blow me raspberries...

Let's try the nose splat

mmm better add a bit of paw action

Muuuuummmm, I can't get the beetles!!!! Do something!
See, look I can't get them...

I tried quite hard, but then the minion in chief decided it was late enough for me to go to bed. I was soooo ready to play :). We did an extra hour of trick training, but I was on fiireeeee yeahah, done all of the tricks mummy was asking me, mwahaha, she couldn't think of more so she started doing some rally-O, done, then obedience, done. Then I was waiting for some more tricks but she said it was too late... If you ask me that's because she couldn't think of anything: LOSER!!!!
Got her back, I did a bit of singing :P, I'm enjoying that teenage time, woohoo, party!

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