Sunday, 29 December 2013

Poor me!

Poor me, I'm melting! The minions are faffing about in the front of the house. Luckily they allowed me to come out with them instead of jailing me in the house... But I'm still too far and they put that lead on me...

And then they dragged me in the full hot sun! I'm melting!! Even with that silly cool coat they put on me, It's too hot!! That's abuse, report them to the rspcgsp... What is the police doing?!?!

It doesn't matter that they had placed my bed in a nice shaded cool place with water and some nibbles. If I stretch the lead entirely I'm melting in the sun and they don't care! Poor, poor, poor me. I could slowly die and they would not bat an eyelid.

I'd better huff and sigh very loudly to try and attract some pity from the minions... And whine to be let in the swimming pool...

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