Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas on the road

Heya folks, sorry for the silence over the past two days but the minions abducted me! And they didn't take the computer... I've already got problems pawing the blogs on the laptop so there is no way I'll be able to paw it on mum's tiny little mobile!

We went to nana Shirley and pop Ron for Christmas. Dad went away earlier, and mum and me followed the next day. That's quite a fair drive away, and mum was driving so slowly that I got real bored. But I did have an opportunity to growl a bit at the coppers when they pulled mum over for an RBT. Mum always likes when I do that, yep, she pats me and holds my mouth shut mwahaha :P
I was trying to tell the cops to lock her up because she's scary on the road, but they didn't understand...

It was really hot in Sydney and the minions were a bit scared that it was going to be burning there but we've been lucky! It got cool and we even had a bit of rain. I like rain and anyway, I was ready as you can see...
No mum, don't know where your rain coat
went, let's go for the walk now...
We went for a lot of walks around town. There are plenty of things to sniff over there. I couldn't sniff fast enough. And I saw a lot of kangaroos, big ones, small ones, all sorts... I like kangaroos, I wanted to go and play with them, because I'm sure we would all be good friends. But the minions didn't think it was a good idea.

Kangaroos coming to drink and poke their tongue out at me
They were even coming round to where we were sleeping to say hello in the morning.

Kangaroos waking me up and
poking their tongue out at me
And they were waving their little paws at me on the walks, but no, nothing to do... The minions didn't let us play :(
Kangaroo across the road and
poking his tongue out at me...

hello there!
I was so tired at the end of the day because we went for a lot of walks and running around. I wanted to say hello to the cat and the chickens too, but the kill-joy minions said no again.. I tell you they were not in the Christmas spirit, were they? At least, they allowed me to look at the very nice sunset. The sky went all red and when mum took a picture of me and my dad, it looked like she had put a red filter... (if she only knew how to do that!)

pretty impressive hey?
I got a very cool present, I'll show you tomorrow and talk a bit more about what we did, but for now I'm shattered. I had to give all the indications to mum for the trip over there and again today, I had to give the directions to dad and keep an eye out for the coppers. It's hard work, so time for a big zzzzz.

Night night all, and I hope father Christmas was good to you!

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