Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Trick and Treat Tuesday: High five

Today is another one of my favourite with Mawson: the high five!
If you have already worked on the paw shake, it has a lot of similarities, and you can use a lot of the training done then for the high five. Again, I have found that it is easier to start with mister pup sitting in front of you. The trick can be separated in bite size movements, depending of the drive of the monster in training. Do not forget to use the right reward and treats during the exercises.

Hey there, who are you calling monster? Only little angels here, misunderstood angels...

The beginning step is to get your pup to push your hand with his paw and reward, click/treat. Again try to not add any cue words at the early stages.
- Start with your closed hand with a treat inside, pretty close in front of the pup. As for the paw shake, any pup will try to get to the treat by pawing your hand, which is the motion you want!
- Repeat the same type of movement with a paw push of your opened hand, palm up.
- Then move your hand about with pup targeting the palm of your hand, going higher up to the level of his head.
- When the movement becomes more automatic, add cue word slowly and then you can go around and HIGH FIVE at any opportune moment!
I usually do that when we are going to start an exercise or at the end if we did it correctly...

Hey guys! Here is your opportunity to give your minion a good slap across the face and then use the innocent puppy eyes... Plead misunderstanding of the new command, that works, I swear! But it is a short window of opportunity, so don't miss it!!!

yeah, got it, high five mum!

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