Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cool customer!

It can be a bit hardcore at trials here in Oz. For day trials, the temperature can go quite high and many pups, like me, don't like to run around in full heat. And I'm not even talking about doing a complete jumping/agility course at full speed. The minions try to cool us down with water and other things, last time dad used one of the car cleaning towels!! I'm not a car!! Or maybe a Ferrari...? Anyway, as we are going to certainly spend a few more days in the heat along the way, the minions agreed to get me a nice coat that is especially made to keep me cool. It's made on measure so it fits well and it's nicely done. It's from a US company called Saratoga Horseworks so it took a little while to come. By the way, I'm not a horse either...

Don't I look dashing! I'm comfy, even though I am not usually fond of coats. I like this one, I don't want to take it off...
It's my new fancy coat to keep cool.
I'm not taking it off, cause I'm too hot!!

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