Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tour of the facility

Well, as I have been resting my puppy eyes quite a bit this weekend, after the minions took me out until the early hours of saturday morning, I thought that I would do a tour for you guys. You see I have set areas for snoozes, I also have quite a few beds, nothing fancy really, you know, just 3 or 4....

When I was a pup, I was veeeeery restricted. You shall even say I was in jail! I have proof!

See! During the night... jail....

During the day when the minions weren't there. At the beginning: small jail!

A bit later: a bit bigger but still jail!!

When the minions were home, I was allowed out on parole. But my jailers were still keeping a closed eye on me.

I was also allowed out from time to time... barely enough really, wondering how I didn't get vitamin D deficiencies....

Now that I'm pretty growed up, the minions have relaxed a bit, on the conditions I do not destroy their cushions. As if I had ever done that! Dad stop showing that one, that was just a mistake!
I am ever so good <insert angel hallow here! with very cute innocent puppy eyes...>
So here is a tour:

- night bed at home (metal crate so they can fill their jailers needs...)

- night bed on the road (comfy travel crate, and they rarely close it because they say I'm going to poke my nose through and break it... pffff....)

- big day bed inside (salon, for very hot days, when cool needed, zzzzz)

- or just the carpet when I feel like it! (don't know what all those toys are, that must be mum's, I am a big boy me...)

- day bed near the pool window (for the afternoon naps in the sun)

- day bed outside (in the sun or shade depending of temperature and only when the minions are home)

- or just even on the deck...

- or the grass... a bit less hard...

- evening bed in the front room (with fire on if it's cold like you know below 20˚C... gnehehe). Need to orientate well for cuddles.

- carpet in the front room (that's not a bed, that's just my protest when the minions are not quick enough to get my bed... and don't tell them but gosh it's comfy and fluffy....)

- evening bed in the salon (when it's real hot and we need the back door open, though I still like my blanky). Also good for cuddles, less things around.

- night bed, when I am sick or when mum or dad is sick, I'm very compassionate like that.

So that's it. I am sure I have forgotten a few good spots like the outside bench, or the side of the pool, or the back of the car, or under the table... euh sorry...

Well I am a poor little puppy really, and I hope I have fully demonstrated that the minions are really my jailers. I am building my case for my lawyers....(might remove a few of those pics for the case...).

Ok, got to warm up that the bed in the front room. It's cold, brrr might ask for the fire... What NO? See, they are mean....


  1. I like your style, Mawson! I like to sleep too, but your bed looks really comfy. I have to fight the cats for my own crate! (not that I'm complaining, I just let the humans think I'm upset about it)

    1. They are very comfy beds. I tried a few new spots today, with great success! I won't have the same problem with fluffies, I'm afraid the minions will not let me get anywhere close to cats. I like them very much though... They say too much just because we like to play a bit of chase... Your cat seems nice though, hope he's not radioactive anymore!