Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I'm hungry

Sorry peeps but mum's been too busy playing with the chicks to write a decent trick training post, oops sorry "working", she's been working... so I'll have to save the blog from her laziness! I've been trying all day to go and see the nuggets, ahem the chicks... but the minions have put plenty of obstacles on my way: doors, chairs, etc... It's like a marine's special ops training course!
That's really tough cause I would like to give them a hug, I'm a bit softy like that mwahaha. At least I have found a little video of them, however, the chirping is driving me nuts!!! I want some NUGGETS!!!

Update: I've seen them!!! Oh gosh, I was so close, they are chirping in a weird box, different to the one mum was playing with when I was there. They looked little but so juicy... apparently they are growing up so maybe I should wait a bit...

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