Thursday, 16 January 2014

I'm a little angel me!

Just because I have been a bit naughty lately, look at what daddy did! I've been such a good boy though, I have to express my GSP-iness. I also want to point out (ahah "point", see what I did there, aha, I'm so funny...) that I am a big teenage boy! Mum might say I am a wimp but gotta do what a pup gotta do... And anyway that's their fault for abandoning me to go have fun at work aaallllll day! Grump!
By the way, anybody got an ice cube? It's a bit hot, need to get the minions to make me some puppy ice blocks like my mate's mum does for him. Not that the minions are going to even bother with my well-being, mind you! My mate Bodhi is soooo lucky!

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