Saturday, 11 January 2014

My beautiful cool coat

So hot today, I'm melting! Dad took me to agility training this morning (mum was lazying at home as per usual...), but I wasn't really in the mood. A bit all over the place, but still did some good things... except the weaves, not in a weaving mood today... Then I demanded to have a bit of fun in the pool to cool down and now a snooze to pass the worst of the heat. However, I've heard the minion in chief talking about some more Rally-O trial this evening... I'm not sure I'll even get up for that one, she'll have to drag me, mwahaha.

Or maybe if I can take my nice new cool coat with me (that they forgot this morning... useless minions that they are!!) maybe that could be better. We'll see, anyway if we get close to that ring I'll start scratching my neck again and sniff the signs, liver fudge treats or not! I'm a rebel you see...

strike a pose

Oh yeah and some of my mates (at least Jaxon!) are at an agility training camp in the West of Sydney since yesterday, for a few days. Apparently, it's up to 34˚C already today! Hope they'll be careful in the heat and find some shade. I don't think a roasted Papillon would be good!

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