Friday, 3 January 2014

Stinky yummy

Today I have decided to introduce you to some delicacies that us rulers of the 4 paws' kingdom enjoy, ok mum... us "dogs"... My mate Bodhi gets his mum to help him bake things in the kitchen for his regular Foodie Fridays. Me, though I like a good old bit of baking, I like to be close to nature you see. I forage for what nature has to offer for food as well as for my day to day hygiene... I'm a bit picky but mum has been able to make a detailed list of what I have found depending of my behaviour!

- Turn round and round on my nose trying to roll my entire body on a cm square surface: dead rotting worm or skink
- Rolling around with abandon on a bit of grass: grass fertilised with manure or blood and bone
- Sniffing and doing some retching sounds without eating: cockroach (dead or alive, but more retching if alive... those legs bleh!) will still try and eat it again and retch again for an undefined number of time...
- Sniffing and doing some retching sounds with eating: any flying thing except cockroach... I like crunchy Christmas beetles :)
- Sniffing at distance with miserable face: dead bird or possum (I didn't even have a chance of failing to try and kill them, how sad!)

- Sneaking around tip toeing and quickly walking away like a thief with my head down before chewing: I've stolen something of the woody kind and delighting in creating the maximum mess out of it while ingesting half of it
- Sneaking out of sight and running back towards mum trying to give her a kiss as soon as possible: I've had a delightful meal of dirt (yummy for the tummy!) and want to spread it on mum's face

Different types of poos encountered on excursions:
- hoovering: sheep and kangaroo poos
- rolling into: cow poo and bird poo
- turning nose away disgusted after interested sniff: dog poo. One other thing about that as well, I will not touch my ball and fetch it back to the minions if it has landed or rolled in dog poop. I put my paw down on that... Would you brush your teeth with your tooth brush if it had fallen in your loo? I don't think so! (if you do YUUUUUCK!)

Apart from that, I'm pretty happy to ingest anything that I can forage from the kitchen floor or the minions plate (I tried to see on the counter top, but got told off! Kill joys!) that still counts as foraging no? Except prawns, not keen on prawns.

I might still ask for mum to go cook some things in the kitchen for me though, because I just saw Bodhi's latest recipe and that seems delish!

prefer sheep pats but that would do as well
Love Off the leash!


  1. You should get cats. Cat poop is soooooo yummy. When I was little I tried to eat it as much as possible. Now I'm not allowed near the kitty boxes, so the humans are mean!

    1. I've never tried cat poop. Tried to eat the cats, though mum didn't let me :( ! I'll put that on my list of to do. Now I need to find some... Maybe you can smuggle me some, but that's a bummer if you are not allowed near... Damn we need a plan to distract the minions! I did have a very fine possum poo this afternoon, it was delightful even if mum was attempting to distract me with those meagre treats she carries around!