Sunday, 26 January 2014


After a few false start, I think mum finally brought home some little nuggets for my dinner.
What mum, oh sorry that's not my dinner? But I've invited my mate Bodhi!

I've seen that pic on her phone...

I'm sure I heard some suspicious chirping around. And there is a door that is closed. Doors should not be closed!! That is outrageous! I'll try to sneak in the room a bit later. For now I am distracting mum by pretending to snooze.

She was preparing plenty of things yesterday, I was trying to help but she didn't seem to be grateful!
I'm sorry mum but if you think that looks like a mummy chicken... Well more to the point if the chicks take that as their mom, maybe that would be kindest for me to use them as nuggets cause they wouldn't be very bright...

See what I mean, seriously!

And where is the rest of their house?? There's only some cut paper here! Oh I see you're not finished... well you spent enough time on it already... somebody is slow as a wet sunday...

Look there's another suspicious pic that appeared on her phone! Definitely looks like the same box and head mop mommy chicken!

Woohoo *dancing* going to get some nuggets for dinner

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