Saturday, 7 September 2013

That's not early spring!

31˚C!! They made me do all that work at 31˚C!!! It was so hot, I had to have a dip in the pool at lunch time after my brilliance at agility (I did the scary dog walk good on the high setting, I'm sooooo brave me!)... There was a lot of smoke around as well, because they are doing some burnings around, cough cough.
And then another dip in the pool when we came back from the social novice class (btw, I did all the obedience next to mummy without that pesky lead, yay! And I must have done good because she didn't yell at me, double yay!). 
And one of my previous classes instructor at the club said I was his preferred gun dog *smug* ...

But it's still too hot, and after all that nice work I did and my swim, mummy was mean with me. I wanted to go get a refreshing mud bath in the freshly sifted soil that grandpa Frank spread on top of the grass in the backyard and she didn't let me :(. It's good for the skin, I don't care about the floor and the furnitures...

Well I'm shattered so I'm going to go and snore in front of the rugby. What did I hear?? Wallabies? Where? How many? Let me chase them!!! 

It's too hot!!!!!

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